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Mohammed Sabagh (just MOHAMMED.......and just M if you're really cool) was born in Miami sometime in the 1980's. He has Lebanese and Cuban roots but considers himself a citizen of the world.


The creative world of art came naturally to him. He started drawing and coloring on paper, walls, and whatever he could find at the age of three.  His favorite subject in school was always art, and many of his early works were on display at local art fairs and won many awards. 


Mohammed has a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Marketing, as well as a certificate in Film Studies. After graduating from Florida International University, he worked as a freelance promotional spokesmodel.  His refusal to conform to a 9-to-5 routine led to a very eclectic career in marketing events and promotions, the most creative part of business. While supporting himself as a spokesmodel, he continued to pursue an independent education in the arts.  He has taken courses in drawing, acrylic and oil painting, and abstract and experimental painting. 


M continues to be fascinated by the art world and different cultures. He has traveled to foreign countries including Mexico, Canada, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Iceland, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Morocco, and India.  This wanderlust and incessant search for knowledge and inspiration fuels his artistic sensibilities and open mind.  He is constantly on the move to the next new and exciting adventure with no plans of ever slowing down.





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