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Art is the very essence of the human race.  From scrawlings in prehistoric caves to eccentric modern sculptures, only art can define us as emotional and intellectual beings. It is the only thing on this planet that will ever achieve immortality.


My work avoids literal representation and promotes thinking out of the box.  I push boundaries that force people to see new parts of themselves. Through abstract shapes and colors, I aim to challenge myself and provoke thought.  By incorporating mixed media into my work, I aim to capture the artistic value in everyday objects, using ordinary things to express extraordinary thoughts.  The color red is also prevalent in my work. It expresses frustration and hostility as well as an intense desire to command attention. Through every work of art I create a world of my own.


My work is designed to incite thought and promote self-discovery. Each work is the next component in a journey of enlightenment, bringing out a part of me that I didn't know was there.  I create a new world every time I make a work of art, a place where anything is possible and new revealations await.  It captures chaos and disorder, but also the peace and inner harmony that comes with finding what lies beneath.


I hope that through a glimpse of my world you are able to see more of your own.





“The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.”

                                             -Francis Bacon











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